On Small Steps

The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.


Over the course of the average day, I actually don’t speak much. I may have long conversations, but usually they’re in my mind. I’m not a small talker, even in social situations. And when I’m not in the lab, I don’t really have an audience to share everyday details or talk shop. Add in messaging apps and a cell phone, and I don’t often call anyone. So when the past few days happen, where I’m in the spotlight and expected to significantly contribute, I often wind up with a hoarse, sore throat.

It’s been a whirlwind of activity since I landed across the pond three short days ago. I don’t think I have gotten more than a handful of hours of sleep. That’s not atypical for these trips, but it’s definitely wearing. In true Simpson-like fashion, what started out as work with defined goals was quickly tossed in the air and redefined. Not only have I switched to a new path, this one is like walking upside down on a yellow brick road. I honestly never thought I’d be here, but that’s what makes life so interesting: the unexpected.

When I think back, it’s been a long journey on the path I’ve taken. Along the way there have been many events, but no matter the good, bad, or the most terrible, I’ve kept going. One foot after another. Never give up. I’m not quite sure how everything will shake out when I get back to the States tomorrow. I’m not a big fan of the wizard of Oz, but today I feel like I’ve been deposited somewhere across the rainbow. And I plan to enjoy the view. Sometimes, it seems that all the steps you’ve taken lead you to the place you’re meant to be.

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