On the Shore

Smell the sea, and feel the sky, let your soul and spirit fly.

Van Morrison

I have always been drawn to water: the lake, a stream, the waterfall. But it is the ocean that pulls me. The sound of the surf reminds me of the heartbeat of the earth. Listening to the rhythm is like being in a lover’s embrace, hearing the beating of life with ear pressed to chest. Sometimes fast and furious, others times a slow, steady calm. I walk the shoreline and feel the water crash at my legs or gently lap my heels. Whether the sunrise, sunset, or in between, I find those moments rejuvenating. But my nighttime sojourns, when the air is heavy and humid, are when my soul finds peace. Looking at the night sky, filled with light from distant places long gone, I see the moonlight dance on the surface of the sea. Here and there, like playful fairies, the moon reveals from the darkness the edge between the sand and water. The ocean beckons, whispering to me to come closer, and my soul sighs as I feel its first touch. Home.

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