On Gratitude I

Gratitude turns what we have into enough.


The weekend is here, and with it, for many of us, a time for rest and relaxation. This marks the one week anniversary since I started this journey into writing, and today I want to reflect on joys I have in this life.

I have a beautiful family.

I have true friends.

I have been blessed with talent, passion, support, opportunities, and the ability to thrive.

I do work that I love that gives me purpose.

I have wonderful coworkers.

I travel the world.

I am free to fulfill my intellectual interests and hobbies, to enjoy literature and art.

I rise with the sun to enjoy a cup of coffee.

I listen to the cries of seagulls and see dolphins play in the ocean from the southernmost point of an island on the Gulf of Mexico.

I watch the sun set over the sea, with my toes in soft white sand, listening to the surf, and revel in tropical air that feels like velvet.

Everyday, I wake with a grateful heart and wonder that I have so much in my life.

I am more than blessed, and every moment I give thanks for it all.

Everyday my heart echos, I have so much.

And there, I find my happiness.

I wish you all the same.

Happy Friday.

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