On the Next

You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.

C.S. Lewis

Some days, like today, things seem upside down and torn. The very seams of the soul ripped apart, innards spilling, pain flowing in a sea of red. There is nothing to do but be swept away in the waves, grasping at limbs floating by to stay above water. Looking up, the gray sky pours its own tears and cries of despair are lost among the angry thunder reverberating in the heavens above. Downstream, a waterfall of enormous height is just beyond sight, its presence made known by the horrendous sound of water crashing on rocks far below. Desperate now, legs flail to reach shore. There is no where else to go. The end is near.

Give up.

The words are a whisper among the rapids.

Give up.

They echo so strongly in the ear.


Fingers numb, hands frozen, the temptation to let go of the limb and drift over the falls is strong. Almost..

But yet..

A glimmer on the shore. A sound. A name. My name. I look over. There, life still young, fragile, vibrant, reaching out.

We are here, do not go.

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