On the Perfect Storm

You are free to choose, but you aren’t free from the consequences of that choice.

A couple of years ago, I was very angry. Very hurt. I had a fight with someone I cared for deeply and I thought cared and respected me. I left the country on business, thinking I’d most likely never speak to this person again. I felt used, unappreciated, and I stewed in emotions that ranged from unbearable loss to towering rage, all within moments at times. I don’t often feel the depths and range of emotion as I did, and when I reached Ireland I did something not characteristic of me, and what I’ve only done once more since then: I wished karma on someone. And I did it in a sacred place: the Book of Kells. Looking into the page on display of the Book of Kells, which happened to be the devil (they change it every few months), I wished that this person should receive karma in response to my pain, and any pain that this person may have caused in the past to others.

I didn’t think more on that trip once the deed was done. Until, a few days after my return to the States. I noticed a tropical storm brewing. Hmm. Well, it was that time of year, August-September, so it wasn’t unreasonable. Hurricane season, you know. But then the next day, and the next, seemingly the storm strengthened and devastated islands on its way to another island that housed the occupant that had caused me so much angst and despair. I thought to myself, Someone can’t really call karma on anyone, right? This was all a huge coincidence. It had to be. But, I’d used an old friend’s gift, an Alex and Ani bracelet from Maui, that she said she’d instilled the power of the island volcanoes in, when I wished karma. Silliness. Insanity. Clearly, fanciful thinking. I’m a scientist. And clearly a bit insane. Right? I thought to myself, well, let me try to temper this. So I wished the reverse, in remorse; I didn’t want to cause harm! Still, the storm raged on, creeping ever so slowly to the place of final impact. I called my old friend, who reassured me I couldn’t manifest the weather!! No, she didn’t laugh at me. She understood. And still, I watched in horror as the storm grew stronger and crept closer….

When my iPhone said the storm hit landfall, I prayed. For everyone who couldn’t leave, who didn’t want to leave. I prayed. I wished for a miracle. And a week later, there was one.

Since then, I take care about karma. In fact, I’ve only wished it once more. And what do you know, it worked again as a seemingly implausible cascade of events occurred. Huh. Two for two? Out of curiosity, I called my old friend and said, “you know, you told me I couldn’t manifest the weather by wishing karma, but I think that’s not true. I just wished karma again and it seemed to work.”

After a short pause she said “You know what. You’re right. I just made it rain a few days ago. Manifesting weather is possible.”

I was a bit stunned.

And now, I’m extra careful in what I wish for.

Cathedral Cafe, Dublin, Ireland.

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