On The Most Beautiful Woman in the World

He didn’t realize that love as powerful as a mother’s love for you leaves its own mark.

J.K. Rowling

Today marks another Mother’s Day. Last year, my mom, aunt, and I had a wonderful girl’s weekend to celebrate. We had planned a similar meeting this year, but like many, plans changed. This year though I’m a hop-skip-and a jump away from my mom, I’m unable to be with her. My aunt is up north, her work putting her on the front lines of this pandemic. When travel will be possible, safely, is anyone’s guess. FaceTime, texts, gifts by mail are a weak substitute for being together in person. Yet I am grateful that someday, maybe soon, we will be able to see each other again. Until then, I cherish every memory we have created together. And I’m blessed to know and learn from these amazing, beautiful, strong women in my life.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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