On the Decision

Leaders are anticipatory thinkers. They consider all consequences of their behaviors before they act.

Brian Tracy

Today was one of those “Long dark teatime of the soul” days. The one where a decision, once rendered, could have serious consequences. In this case, the right decision was clear. But nevertheless, it was not an easy one to make. One involved compromising trust and possible damage to a relationship, the other meant preserving trust and allegiance. One choice meant taking a decision out of someone else’s hands, who would perhaps be put in an untenable position and make a different choice, or maybe make the same one I was. There was a risk, though. The other choice meant safety was assured. Were there other solutions besides the one I was going to make? Maybe. But it was a way to make sure everyone was safe. So, I made it.

Some days, the choices we make shake the foundation of our worlds. Today was one of them. The outfall of this is not clear, but I know what they could be and I will accept them. What is clear is I stand by my decision and I would do it again.

And more importantly, I got a gold Star from my team.

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