If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.

Jack Kornfield

Today is Friday and the usual blitz of “We made it!” “Thank God it’s Friday!” or the one that always makes me chuckle because I have much affection for the usual suspects that post this one “You know what rhymes with Friday? Alcohol” are streaming on all my social media feeds. For someone who doesn’t know what day it is half the time lately, it’s a good reminder to me that there is more to life than just the one dimensional view when I’m swamped with work. I love what I do, but it can be an all consuming passion that takes over when there is a new exciting, challenging, and stimulating project (and aren’t they all when it’s what you love to do?). My job is such that days of the week don’t matter, it’s the results that count. Many times, I need to step back to remember to take care of people and things in my life, and remember that there is more that brings value and joy than just what I do at my “day job” (what a misnomer for me if there ever was one). Seeing TGIF prompts me to take extra care to pause, listen, and be present. That includes taking care of my own health and mental well being so I can take care of everything and everyone and still perform at the level I am required in my work. In that light, I’m making myself an extra pot of coffee to enjoy in my favorite Florida mug, booking a pedicure for Tuesday next week when I’ll be over this current insanity “hump,” and taking some time to write this blog and just breathe.

Happy Friday, friends.

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